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Workshop: Yearly Goal Setting That Actually Works- Just $47!


Click the button below and we will send you this workshop so you will kick off 2023 by setting goals you will actually achieve WITHOUT burning out:

  • The big mistake most people make when goal setting and how to avoid it
  • The 10 critical elements in your plan (that only take a few minutes to set up)
  • The 2 questions that eliminate goals that don't matter so you aren't spinning your wheels
  • The formula for balancing business, health, and family so you don't always feel guilty
  • A special offer to work with us on reaching your goals!
  • BONUS: Comprehensive Workbook & Accountability Plan

Presented by Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith is the founder of Emerge Sales Training, The Christian Network Marketers Community and author of the #1 best seller, Customer First . She has coached brand new network marketing professionals and million dollar earners and has a unique perspective on how to develop network marketing leaders. Tasha has been in sales, sales training, and leadership development for 20 years (yes she started when 10, your math is right). Also, she is hilarious. It’s true, ask around.ea