ON DEMAND How to Decrease Financial Overwhelm and Increase Profit

How to Decrease Overwhelm & Increase Profit

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In this ON DEMAND $27 workshop you'll discover: 

  •  How being "financially strong" is simpler than you think
  •  What are the actual things you need set-up for your business
  •  What exactly to track and the easiest way to track it
  • How to return your investments every time

Presented by Tasha Smith and Randall Boll


90 minutes

About Tasha Smith:

Tasha Smith is the founder of Emerge Sales Training and creator of Your Direct Sales & Recruiting Foundation and the co-creator of Your Leadership Foundation. She has coached brand new network marketing professionals and million dollar earners and has a unique perspective on how to develop network marketing leaders. Tasha has been in sales, sales training, and leadership development for 18 years (yes she started when 10, your math is right). Also, she is hilarious. It’s true, ask around.

About Randall Boll:  

Randy is Tasha Smith's personal CFO and the founder, owner, and Chief Vision Officer of multiple million-dollar businesses within the tax, finance, and accounting industries. Randy earned his first million dollars at 22-years-old and was the youngest person in the country to earn his CFP. By the age of 29, Randy earned his CLU, ChFC, CRPS, CLTC, TEP and ABA as well. In 2018, Randy was recognized as one of the top “40 Under 40” outstanding professionals in the country. Currently, Randy is studying to earn his Master’s in Ministry and Master’s in Financial Services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is this workshop? Answer: Just $27!  

Question: How long is this workshop? Answer: This workshop is 90 minutes.  

Question: How do I retrieve my login information? Answer: Once you register, you will receive an email with login information to the Emerge Sales Training learning portal. You will have an icon for the workshop. Click on the course inside the learning portal to retrieve the on demand replay information.

Question: Do I need to have taken any Emerge coaching programs to attend this? Answer: Nope! There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

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