Are you curious about how to quickly learn how to get more sales, empower your team, become a confident recruiter, and grow your business through social media?

Watch the video below to learn more about how The Emerge Surge can help you master each of these areas...

Join the Emerge Surge $47 Per Month

What is the Emerge Surge membership?  

Your tribe is a group of network marketers who want to improve people’s lives with their product. It is a safe place to learn and improve the skills necessary to build a solid network marketing business.  

Inside the Emerge Surge experience you’ll discover basic and advanced training around sales, recruiting, leadership and social media that you can work through at your own pace.  

You’ll also have access to live + recorded weekly calls and a coaching team ready to answer your questions, encourage you, and help push you forward.

Imagine yourself with a business that you love where you have created the results that you want...

  • You feel confident in what to say to potential customers without feeling "sales-y"
  • You have a clear plan of action to take each day... and then you actually do the things
  • You are able to get more done in less time so that you can be present with your family
  • You have clear goals and goal setting doesn't feel scary... you have a path to accomplish the things you want
  • You know how to recruit team members, train them, and coach them to get results
  • You feel confident in your leadership ability
  • Your social media strategy isn't overwhelming... you know what to post and when to post it

Friend, all of these things are with-in your reach. You DO have what it takes to create all of this. And we can help you. You don't have to do it alone. The next steps are very simple...


Join Your Exclusive Facebook Group

As soon as you sign up, you will join the members only facebook group where you will have access to Emerge sales & leadership coaches so that you can ask questions, connect with other network marketers for support, and participate in members only contests and challenges.

Attend Live Group Coaching Calls

Yep! We said live calls. And to make it even better- these calls are every single week. On these calls, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive coaching to develop your skills in time management, planning, inviting, selling, closing, customer retention, recruiting, coaching & mentoring, leadership, and social media.  

Instant Access to Online Courses

What if you could skill up in sales, recruiting, leadership, and social media? Can you even imagine what would happen to your business?  

As a member you will have access to four skill development courses that you will be able to work through at your own pace. Skills = Confidence and Confidence = Results

Join the Emerge Surge - $47 Per Month

Membership Pricing

Choose the plan that fits you best  

Monthly Membership

$47 per month

Join the Emerge Surge 
  • No minimum commitment- cancel at anytime 
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • Exclusive Facebook community for support & questions answered by an experienced Emerge Sales & Leadership coach
  • Immediate access to 4 skill development courses on sales, recruiting, leadership, & social media
  • Renews automatically every 30 days so you don't have to worry about losing access to your courses

Questions? Contact us at

Six Month Membership

$235 ($39 per month)

Join the Emerge Surge
  • One month of FREE access
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • Exclusive Facebook community for support & questions answered by an experienced Emerge Sales & Leadership coach
  • Immediate access to 4 skill development courses on sales, recruiting, leadership, & social media
  • Renews automatically every 6 months so you don't have to worry about losing access to your courses  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did we create the Emerge Surge?

We’ve helped more than 8,000 network marketers and one of the common challenges was that many of them were seeking additional clarity and support by experts in sales and leadership.  

If you want to take care of your family with the income you earn from your network marketing business, our mission is to make sure you have access to the very best training and mentorship that is available.  

In the training and coaching industry the price point often excludes people who need it the most. We are excited to solve this issue with the Emerge Surge.  

The people you surround yourself with will greatly impact your success. We are committed to being the community that pours into you as you pour into others.  

Is this right for me?

This is for you if you are a network marketer who is committed to changing people’s lives.  

If you want to increase your sales, empower your team, and reach your goals this is the place to get feedback and know you are doing it right.  

We have 3 ways our tribe supports one another:  

1. Through self-guided training and a group where you can get questions answered quickly  

2. We host weekly calls where we celebrate live and coach you on relevant skills so that you’re always moving forward  

3. Connecting with other tribe members and coaches to hold you accountable, help you break through overwhelm, and celebrate your successes.  


Who is this not for?

This isn’t for someone who doesn't like to learn from other people’s experiences, isn’t willing to try new ideas, or set goals that they want to work hard to achieve.  

Our community is focused on helping you make more money (it IS a business after all…) but the Emerge Surge core values reflect impact over income so is not the right place for someone who only cares about earning money. Our motto is be a good human!  

How many calls should I attend?

It's totally up to you. You can check the events in your Emerge Surge Facebook group for the call schedule and choose the calls that will benefit you the mot for where you are right now in your journey.  

What if I can't attend the calls live?

We get it! We understand that life is busy and you may have other committments you can't rearrange. The live coaching calls will be recorded.  

What if I have taken all of the Emerge Courses?

If you haven't 100% mastered time management & planning, inviting, enrolling, customer retention, recruiting, coaching & mentoring, and social media then this is for you. You will have the opportunity to choose the calls that will continue to develop your skills, have access to our Emerge coaching staff for questions in the Facebook group, and be a part of a freaking amazing tribe of network marketers.  

Who coaches the calls?

You will have access to our amazing coaching staff for different perspectives and you will benefit from each of their unique super powers. Each coach has over 10 years of sales & leadership experience... and guess what? Emerge Founder, Tasha Smith will coach 2 calls per month!  

If I choose the monthly option what is the minimum commitment?

There is no minimum commitment. You can go month by month for as long as you would like!  

Wondering exactly what you will learn in the online courses?

Step 1: Learn Basic and Advanced Selling Techniques: Your Direct Sales Foundation

Imagine what your business would be like if you knew exactly what you need to be doing each day to create success and feel confident in what to say so you actually reach your goals!  

This foundational course will fill in all the gaps on your basic skills. You will learn why customers operate the way they do, and the psychology behind influencing customers in a positive way. Watch your confidence in yourself soar as you create outlines that work AND are in your own words. 

Module 1: Stop Feeling Crazy/Get Organized

Module 2: How to Schedule Appointments

Module 3/4: Create Your Sales Outline

Module 5: Get Referrals and Hosts/hostesses

Module 6: Retain Your Customers 

Module 7: Recruiting Basics

Module 8: Launching Your Team Members

Step 2: Improve your recruiting skills to build your team: Recruit Like a Boss

Sometimes we are super excited to bring people onto our team, and other times we get stuck and don’t know why.  

Imagine being able to confidently communicate the vision for your team, be grounded in what makes you unique and powerful as a leader, and know exactly what to say and do when someone says “yes” your business opportunity.  

Module 1: Communicate Vision to Attract Team Members

Module 2: Support Your Team Efficiently

Module 3: Launch New Builders Effectively

Module 4: Discover Your Leadership Wisdom and Leadership Superpower

Module 5: Supercharge Your Recruiting Conversation

Module 6: Schedule More Recruiting Conversations  

Module 7: Empower Your Team to Recruit 

Module 8: Master Recruiting Duplication on Your Team

Step 3: Become a more effective leader so that you can duplicate: Your Leadership Foundation

Do you want to empower others to follow their passion and their dreams (while you reach the higher leadership ranks in your company)?  

When you are a stronger leader, your team will feel empowered and gain confidence in their ability to sell each and every day. 

Your team members will see their time with you as constructive and self-improving (relieving you from your duty as a therapist). They will be motivated, encouraged, and ready to take on the world.  

Module 1: How to Become a Leader

Module 2: Time Management for Leaders

Module 3: Creating Buy-in

Module 4: Develop Your Team Member's Skills

Module 5: Goal Setting for Leaders

Module 6: Build Resilience in Your Team Members

Module 7: Build a Positive Team Culture

Module 8: How to Develop Leaders

Step 4: Amplify your results using social media: Your Social Media Engagement Foundation

Imagine yourself with more social media engagement, resulting in stronger relationship, more customers, and a plan you can easily follow that feels like you.  

Stop having a headache in trying to figure out what to post or what on earth “be authentic” means! Stop wondering why only your aunt, mom or your upline likes your posts.  

In “Your Social Media Engagement Foundation” you will understand posting strategy, brand pillars, and how to use your social media to actually solve people’s problems. Hooray!  

Module 1: Your Strategy for Creating Engaging Content

Module 2: Create Your Personal Brand Pillars  

Module 3: Your Successful Posting Strategy

Module 4: Create Posts That Add Value to Your Audience

Module 5: Create Compelling Story Posts That Stop the Scroll

Module 6: Create Posts That Become Conversations

Module 7: Turn Potentials into Customers 

Module 8: Bonus Content: Facebook Group Tips

What makes Emerge different?

We start with the questions, “How do we help our customers solve their problems?” and “What is challenging for our team members to grow their business?” Then we build simple, easy to implement techniques, questions, and strategies to help your team members grow their business.  

We aren’t your upline saying “Here is what I did.” We are your customer saying, “Here is how to help me understand why I should buy.” We are your team member saying, “Here is how to move me into action.”  

We are 100% committed to making this world a better place by solving people’s problems and we care very deeply about your ability to provide for your family through your network marketing business.  

In the last few years, we have helped over 7000 clients increase their sales and leadership skills. Over the last year, we have had more than 150 clients achieve six-figure income ranks.  

We have built a million dollar training company primarily through word of mouth in the last few years. On average, our students triple their sales after completing Your Direct Sales (and Recruiting) Foundation.  

How can you ensure that YOU will get results? The answer is to attend your coaching calls, implement what you are learning, and if by some crazy fluke you don’t get results we have a 200% money back guarantee.  

We know that it can be difficult to teach your team how to have better results. Once you have a clear process, you can take the guesswork out of what to say and do. Selling and recruiting can be an enjoyable process for everyone involved. We believe that you CAN have a business that you love. 

Meet Our Coaching Team

As member of the Emerge Surge community you will have access to Emerge Founder, Tasha Smith & her business partner, Karen Hammond. They each have 15+ years of experience in sales and sales leadership with proven track records for SUCCESS. Each use their unique superpower to help you get the results that you want. 

Tasha Smith - Emerge Founder

Superpower: I will build a simple path for you to increase your individual performance.

Karen Hammond

Superpower: I will recognize your individual talents and contributions, and move you into action based on your vision of the future.

200% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that this course will change your business for the better, that if you implement everything and don’t make back your investment, we will give you double your money back. (see terms and conditions for details)

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