On Demand How to Double the Size of Your Team Without Being Overwhelmed

How to Double the Size of Your Team Without Being Overwhelmed


In this $27 on demand workshop we will explore the step-by-step process of how to double the size of your team and take your business from chaotic to calm.

  • Stop the behaviors that are creating chaos and decreased results in your business
  • Discover the one goal that leads to sustainable team growth... and the simple actions to improve it
  • Make a plan that works with your personal schedule


Length of workshop: 90 minutes

More about Emerge Sales Training founder, Tasha Smith...

Tasha is the CEO and Founder of Emerge Sales Training. Over 7000 network marketers trust Tasha and her team to train and coach themselves and their team on sales, social media, recruiting, leadership and business skills.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much is this workshop? Answer: Just $27!  

Question: How long is this workshop? Answer: This workshop is 90 minutes.  

Question: How will I get my ON DEMAND replay? Answer: Once you register, you will receive an email with replay information to the Emerge Sales Training learning portal. You will have an icon for the workshop. Click on the course inside the learning portal to retrieve replay.

Question: Who is this for? Answer: Network marketing professionals who have a strong desire to be successful in growing their team but might get stuck by fear of success, overwhelm, not knowing where to start or not being sure what they are doing is right.

Question: Do I need to have taken any Emerge coaching programs to attend this? Answer: Nope! There are no prerequisites for this workshop.